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You Look Strapping: The Top Benefits of a Leather Watch Strap

October 14, 2020

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." So said Yves Saint Laurent.

You've seen endless fashions and trends in the world of watches. But one thing has remained a timeless classic: the leather watch strap.

Paired with any kind of outfit, this accessory looks good on everyone.

But more than simply looking good, donning a leather watch strap has many unexpected benefits. Let us fill you in.

Opting for a Leather Watch Strap

Some may argue that leather is too "old school" or that it is not water-resistant and therefore less desirable for the modern watch-wearer. Some of that may well be true.

However, while there are both pros and cons to choosing leather for your watch strap, the positives are many. The reasons for at least owning one leather watch strap far outweigh any negatives for most true watch-lovers.


First things first, a leather watch strap is versatile.

You can pair it with a suit and tie, or a shirt and shorts. Either way, your look will be on point. Men, women, young, and old, all look appropriate in a leather strap.

Of course, the versatility of a leather strap doesn't end there.

Leather watch straps give you the ability to change up your look. Owning multiple straps is incredibly useful. If you own several leather straps, you can up change the colour, pattern, and style of your watch depending on your mood that day. No need to be tied down to one style of leather. Enjoy the control of swapping out your dark alligator strap for a bright yellow or red cowhide.

You can choose from pilot or racing leather bands for instance. For those who prefer double rivets at the end, the pilot strap is the one for you. Racing watches, on the other hand, have leather straps with large holes. These are drilled along the strap to allow you more options for fitting.

Leather watch straps are also adaptable in the sense that they look good with just about any watch face out there. Even Apple Watch wearers can be found swapping their generic rubber bands for a more grown-up looking leather strap.

This feature is great for those looking to match an existing or vintage watch face with a good-looking band.


Leather shoes, leather furniture, leather jackets. Regardless of what the product is, everyone is familiar with the advanced quality of leather. It's durable and improves with time. While the colour of some leathers may change slightly over time, the quality of true leather remains.

When it comes to watch straps, cowhide is the most commonly seen type of leather used, but it's not the only choice on the market. Leather watch straps can also be found in alligator, shark, calf, ostrich, and crocodile. You can also find the occasional leather strap made from snake or stingray.

The quality of each comes from the breathability of the leather itself. Leather is simultaneously strong and flexible. If you select a watch strap made from real leather it has likely been tested to help it become impervious to stains. Unlike other, cheaper materials, leather is hard to tear or wear down.

Real leather watch straps last longer than fabric or plastic and are less likely to fray, break, or scratch.


Because leather comes from a living source, it is supple and moves easily with your body. As you write, shake hands, lift things or type, the leather watch strap will easily follow your body's natural movements.

Leather watch straps are some of the most comfortable on the market. They are especially nice to wear when compared with metal, silicon, or other materials that may cut into your wrists and hands. They're usually made from an outer that gives style to the watch and an inner that's made of soft calfskin leather to make the watch extremely comfortable over long periods.

Leather's breathability makes it more able to absorb perspiration and humidity. You generally won't find your wrist becoming as hot or tight beneath a leather strap as you might while wearing a rubber strap.


"In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity." The words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The simplicity of a leather watch strap is not a trend that will fade with the coming fashion seasons. If "classy" is your aim for how you dress and carry yourself, then leather is always the right choice when it comes to your wearable timepieces.

While you can find leather straps that are jazzy and stand out with colourful stitching and so on, one of the greatest features of leather is that it is simple. You don't need a bunch of accessories and flashy features to make it look good.

Leather watch straps are a classy choice for any occasion. If you're attending a wedding, board meeting, or just off to the pub, a leather band looks appropriate.

The leather watch strap can be practical while giving you an air of timeless fashion sense.


It may surprise you to realise that leather watch straps can actually be quite affordable. Depending on your budget and the type of leather you choose, genuine leather bands can be found within most budget ranges.

With a leather watch band, there's really no need to sacrifice quality for staying within a budget.

Another wallet-friendly aspect of choosing leather for your material of choice is that it is such great quality that it tends to last much longer than other types of straps. Buy nice or buy twice can truly become your motto.

Buy a good leather strap once and avoid spending hundreds more in the future on more new straps.

Choosing the Right Watch for You

There are plenty of reasons that choosing a leather watch strap is an excellent way to make a statement. Still, style is a matter of individuality.

Let us help you find the perfect watch for your fine tastes. Browse our selection of pre-owned and vintage watches. After all, the watch you wear does more than tell time, it makes a statement about who you are.