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The Fab Four - Our top picks for Valentine's Day 2024

February 11, 2024

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, but that hasn't stopped the weather from being cold and wet; at least January is over now, right? On another positive note, it won't be long before spring is here, and lots of flowers in gardens have already started poking through the soil once more. 

At the time of writing, LVMH's Watch Week has concluded with some fascinating new releases from TAG Heuer, Hublot, Zenith and more. Further, in a few month's time, we'll be getting brand-new watches from all the big players like Rolex at Watches & Wonders Geneva, and we'll definitely be giving you a run-down of those new pieces nearer the time. So, there's lots to be excited about coming very soon.

In the meantime, we've devised a list of some of the pre-owned luxury watches we have in stock at the time of writing which we think will help you make this year's Valentine's Day extra special. Also, for the blokes reading this who have probably left it to the last minute, there are some ideas for you here, too. Just remember that Watches of Wales has got your back whatever situation you're in.

Rolex DateJust 41 -126334 

Although we're not looking to inspire new January blues in February, and indeed, this isn't a list of blue watches, we will mention the Rolex DateJust, the perfect sporty/dressy watch. Next year the DateJust model range will be 80 years old, and, in that time, it's gone through many updates, although the current generation of the DateJust still has some elements of the original design.

The part which has undoubtedly remained (nearly) the same is the Jubilee bracelet. The DateJust was Rolex's 40th anniversary present to itself, a ruby jubilee milestone. This multi-link bracelet was originally crafted from gold but is now more recognisable in stainless steel or yellow Rolesor (two-tone) guise, and it's made its way around the Rolex range from the DateJust to the GMT-Master II and even the Sky-Dweller. 

The 41mm blue DateJust is a classic example of the Jubilee bracelet's classy design matching the rest of the watch. The Oystersteel bracelet on this model shimmers in a way similar to the fluted bezel to create one cohesive design. The blue dial with the sunburst finish complements this look, as do the applied Roman numerals. With all this and much more, it's easy to see why the DateJust is an ideal gift.

Cartier Tank Française - 2384

The Cartier Tank is one of the most iconic watches ever made, in fact, the Tank pretty much started the trend of wearing watches on the wrist instead of in the pocket or in some form of necklace or brooch. Cartier currently makes many different styles of the Tank watch, such as the Tank Américane, the Tank Louis Cartier and, a personal favourite, the Tank Asymétrique.

In some ways, the Tank Française has the most modern styling out of all of the models, and this two-tone version really channels that modern-day cosmopolitan feel that so many people aspire to. We think this 32mm ladies' version of the Tank Française is a perfect accessory with nearly any outfit, but on a deeper level it has a lot of history and value behind it.

This version also has some clever details, such as the cabochon in the crown which is a Cartier signature. It also has a hidden deployment clasp in the bracelet, meaning that it looks like one complete bracelet rather than having a big and obvious clasp halfway through it. This version is an automatic one, which means it'll keep running as long as you keep wearing it. That's a nice incentive, isn't it?

Rolex DateJust - 69173

Perhaps the Cartier Tank Française above just didn't seem to cut it; perhaps it seemed a bit too fashiony for its own good. Perhaps the person you're buying for just really likes Rolex watches. Either way, the DateJust may be a better choice here. It might seem a bit strange for us to recommend the DateJust twice in the same article, but that just demonstrates the flexibility of this piece.

It's difficult to compare the DateJust 69173 with the 126334, or the 16013, or any other DateJust, really. The fact that there is a whole range of metals, dial colours and other accoutrements available makes each watch stand on its own merits and appear as an individual to us. The 69173 we have at the time of writing is a 1989 model, but you wouldn't know at first glance. The two-tone Jubilee bracelet is classy and well-proportioned. However, it's the black dial with diamonds that does it for us, it looks totally contemporary. Inside the watch is a self-winding movement, too, and this one comes with our 1-year warranty as well (so do the others, just for reference).

Panerai Luminor Marina - OP6553

Panerai's history is based on making tools for the armed forces, these included watches, but also depth gauges, compasses and more. In fact, although the brand has been around in one form or another since 1860, you couldn't buy one as a civilian until the 1990s. Their ascension in popularity during this period is largely thanks to Sylvester Stallone who wore their watches in his breakout movies in the 90s. Lots of audience members saw their new favourite movie star wearing these watches and decided they wanted one for themselves, so Panerai took off.

Their model range is split into four different collections, but the most iconic models are the Luminor pieces like the OP6553. This 44mm stainless steel sports watch is a modern-day classic that can be easily identified by the unique crown guard, which has been a feature of Panerai's Luminor watches since their introduction in 1949. This unique guard secures the crown in the locked position without the need for the fiddly screw-down mechanisms and is a patented design used on lots of Panerai watches.

The recipient of this watch will surely love the branded rubber strap as well, which allows for easy resizing. The magnifier on the sapphire crystal over the date window also adds another layer of practicality with this watch. Indeed, it may not look like a traditional diving watch, that is, like a Submariner, and it may not have a rotating dive bezel but it still has 300m of water resistance, so there’s no reason you couldn’t go to the depths with it (and some other gear, of course).

These are only four of the many watches we stock at Watches of Wales, please note that these were available at the time of writing and may have been sold. However, we'd love for you to get in touch with us even if we don't have one of these, we can usually find one for you or find something you like even more!

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