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What Types of Rolex Watches Are Worth Buying?

August 13, 2022

Did you know that more people are buying pre-owned luxury watches in 2022 than ever before? Well, it's true. A shortage of timepieces produced in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic has driven the global secondhand luxury watch market up by $20 billion.

Suppose you're looking to purchase a pre-owned timepiece. In that case, it's essential that you know the many types of Rolex watches available to you. Here, we're going to look at the Rolexes that are worth more than any other models out there. Read on to learn which models are worth checking out.


GMT-Master II

The predecessor of this range of gorgeous timepieces was originally built to accompany Pan-Am staff on their global travels, but it and its successor, the GMT-Master II, are some of the most in-demand models today. Typically, Rolex watches made from stainless steel are the most demanded watches. But, that's not so much the case with the GMT-Master II where the two-tone and solid gold versions are also almost always sold out. 

One of the most notable iterations of the GMT-Master II is the 126719BLRO which features a dial made of meteorite and a case of solid white gold. This is one of the more expensive models that Rolex offers on sale, with a retail price of over £33,000. The grey market price, however, is even higher, with an average price of £60,000. The reference 126715CHNR 'Root Beer' like we have on sale as of the time of writing is another popular model that's worth more than its original retail value.


Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date models don't just describe a single watch. They're an integral part of Rolex's history and are commonly thought of as "The Rolex of Rolex watches". If you think of a Rolex, the chances are you're thinking of a solid-gold Day-Date glinting away on the wrist of your favourite public figures from former US President Lyndon Johnson to John Candy and many, many more.

Rolex Day-Dates have come in a vast range of styles over the years, though their defining feature is their 'President' bracelet. This solid gold multi-link bracelet is the archetypal accessory for a Rolex, so much so that it's on sale today, and it hasn't changed a whole lot.

If you're prepared to shop around, you can get some of the vintage models for well under £10,000. We'd be happy to help you on that journey, as it's worth speaking to confident and knowledgeable professionals about the Day-Date range. 

If you're looking for a newer model, know that the pre-owned values for these have shot up recently, especially if you're after an Everose gold piece that could reach double its retail price. Again, we at Watches of Wales would be honoured to help you discover your new Day-Date.


Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster

The Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster is one of the most expensive Rolex watches on the market. The Pearlmaster stands out for, well, we were going to say its unique multi-link bracelet and highly polished case, but the jewellery added to it makes it stand out. While the factory diamond dial, bezel and bracelet add the most glimmer to this glamourous piece, the meteorite dial with its unique patterns wraps it up in a unique package. This watch is a limited edition and was first released in 2011. This 39mm dial watch is something that you cannot go wrong with when purchasing. And it's all based on a Day-Date, but you wouldn't necessarily recognise it at first.


Rolex Datejust

These classic watches are a staple of business people, celebrities and down-to-earth folks worldwide because of their versatility, and people often wear them as parts of both business professional and casual outfits. The most recognisable models are the two-tone ones with a fluted bezel, something the DateJust has had since the very beginning. This iconic design glints dramatically as it catches the light and bounces it all over the place. Of course, if the fluted bezel, two-tone case, and bracelet are a little too showy for you, then full stainless steel and a smooth, polished bezel can also be equipped, but we love the fluted bezel. The range of dials on offer is enviable, too. There's bound to be a colour and finish that's perfect for you. Most of those have the option of a factory diamond dial instead of the regular markers for a little more pizazz.

Datejust watches vary in size just as they vary in price. Some are a petite 31mm, while others go all the way to 41mm. Despite the appeal of larger watches in modern times, the 36mm DateJust is the pinnacle of the range and the most appealing size.


The Rolex Pearlmaster

While it's difficult to find a Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster like that which we mentioned above, other models in the Pearlmaster collection are still being manufactured currently. They cost around £65,724, making them one of the more expensive models that you can currently purchase new.

The Pearlmaster is similar to the Datejust but has applied diamonds and other precious jewels. The stones are cut finely and aligned with the dial perfectly, a testament to the skill of Rolex's jewellers. A bonus for those not looking to purchase straight from the factory is that these tend to depreciate a little, unlike nearly every other Rolex.


Submariner Date 41mm

Rolex Submariner models are some of the best dive watches out there. In 2021, the brand decided to make one of the most significant changes it's made. It increased the diameter of the Submariner from 40mm to 41mm. Okay, it's not the most fantastic change in the watch world, but it is the first time in decades that Rolex has changed the size of the Submariner. Also, this new model does come with Rolex's new generation of movement with a 70-hour power reserve and high level of accuracy, thanks in part to Rolex's Chronergy escapement.

Submariner Date models are among the most affordable diving Rolexes, beaten only by the no-date Submariner. As with nearly all steel Rolexes, the watch is pricier on the pre-owned market than when purchased new, but you'll have to battle with the waiting lists of Rolex dealers if you do want a new one.


If money is no object: Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona

Worth around £13.5 million, Paul Newman's Daytona watch is one of the most expensive on the market. This timepiece sold at a New York auction in October 2017 and beat the Rolex Bao Dai's record just a few months prior. That watch has sold for a much lower £3.85 million. While this isn't a watch for the average luxury consumer, its features are still unique. Of course, the story behind the piece is a draw, but so too is the clear dial, Valjoux movement and the knowledge that you have a vintage icon. Luckily, Paul Newman's Daytona may be a unique watch, but the Daytona model from that era is not, so you may be able to find one yet.


Purchase the Best Types of Rolex Watches

Choosing the right types of Rolex watches to purchase can be a challenge. Now that you know about the most valuable and exciting watches from the most valuable watch brand, it's time to start.

We're committed to helping you find the perfect pre-owned piece for your wardrobe or for resale. Contact us today with any remaining questions about different Rolex varieties.