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The Sophisticated Lady's Guide to Timeless Luxury Watches

December 21, 2020

The Swiss luxury watch industry is fantastic for many reasons. We get cool watches, new designs, interesting movements and, of course, it keeps the people of Switzerland employed. But, there are some things that the Swiss, and indeed the entire watch industry, still struggle with. One of those such things is making luxury watches for women. 

Most women’s watches seem to be downsized versions of gent’s watches with more jewels added, which is great for some, but ultimately quite dull in comparison to the myriad of watches there are for men. Admittedly, this is changing, but we don’t think it’s changing fast enough. As we’re not at the point yet where women’s watches and men’s watches are equal in popularity and design, we decided not to write this article as a list of models we think you should buy. 

Instead, we’ll show you some of the things to look out for, as well as give some hints and tips at choosing the right watch. Whether you are a woman or are buying for one, this is something you don’t want to miss.

Choosing a Colour Scheme

Now, we all know that colours make a big impact in our lives. The interplay of different colours around us create different images and can contribute to emotions. For example, it’s often thought that the best colour for having a psychological effect on people is purple, as it’s deep and rich colour supposedly inspires confidence and trust in a person.

We’re not saying go out and dress in all purple to make people trust you, of course. If anything, dressing in all purple would make people wary of you (who actually has an all-purple wardrobe?), but it’s an interesting example into how colour affects us. We don’t understand all of it yet, but we generally know what we like and don’t like. You may need to take some inspiration from your surroundings, such as your home, or from objects like the clothes in your wardrobe to help you choose the right colours on your wristwatch.

For example I, writing this article, prefer modern architecture, which tends to be bold in its shape but mute in colour. I prefer white walls as a base to build on. I feel that that it is a part of the reason I prefer white metals such as steel, white gold and platinum in watches. For me, it doesn’t stand out too much, it matches my skin tone and forms a neutral base on which to build designs and colours.

A more traditional European style watch might use a coloured gold case, such as yellow gold or pink gold, and feature a more simple shape so as to not be too overbearing.

You should also consider the colour of the dial. Some people entertain the idea that white dials are for pure dress watches and that nothing else will do. This is outdated now, you should choose the colour of dial that you like the most. Manufacturers will often make different dial colours for the same watch to give you choice, so go ahead and pick the one you like the most.

That’s pretty much as easy as it gets. You might see fashion blogs talk about matching your dial to your shoes or the leather on the strap to the colour you like your toast in the morning, but the fact of the matter is that the colours you choose should be the ones that you like the most, not the ones that you think will have the most impact on someone else.

Different Watch Features

In addition to colours, you'll have to think about what other features you'll want on your luxury watch. Not all luxury watches are made equally, some have more complications in them and will demand a higher price tag and higher servicing costs.

You may find that you like the appearance of watches with a certain complication, a chronograph for example. Perhaps you’re attracted to the allure and mystique behind the moonphase display.

Luxury watches for women are slowly becoming more and more complicated, and we’re seeing a lot of manufacturers go the extra mile to make women’s watches both as mechanically exceptional as men’s watches and also more artful too.

But don’t worry if you think that’s a little over the top. If you’re after something with the same iconic design as a men’s watch but with smaller case proportions, you’ll be pleased to know that a lot of watchmakers make a lady’s version of their standard watches. A classic example of this is the Rolex DateJust, that comes with only the bare essentials, like a date window. 

Top Brands in the Watch Industry

In terms of brands to choose from, nearly all of them provide a range of women’s timepieces. So, while their ranges of women’s watches may be smaller, you have pretty much the same choice as men when it comes to watches.

 Rolex is still the most valuable brand in Swiss watches throughout the world. Their Lady DateJust line is very popular and has a lot of different designs, colours and styles to suit you,

Omega also has an exciting range of women’s watches, such as the DeVille Ladymatic. Cartier has always been popular amongst women’s fashion if you’re one for en vogue designs. Even more traditional watchmakers such as Breguet, A.Lange & Söhne and Patek Philippe have watches for women that are extremely popular (did you know that the first ever wristwatch was made by Abraham-Louis Breguet at the request of Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples?).

Some brands are more tailored towards women because that’s how it’s always been for them. Both Louis Vuitton and Chopard make amazing gent’s watches, but it’s their women’s watches that take the crown for them.

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend, but don’t think you have to have a watch that’s covered with them. As with colours, the choice of diamonds is down to personal taste. Lots of women’s watches have them by default, but you can usually opt for one that either has none or has so few that it’s almost irrelevant. Remember to choose what you like, though, so if you do happen to like diamonds and have the wallet for them then feel free to turn that glitter up to eleven.

Men’s watches are not off limits

Just because the manufacturer advertises something as a watch for men, that doesn’t mean it can only be bought or worn by them. Charlize Theron, Rihanna and Kelly Hoppen are just some of the famous women who can be seen wearing a watch designed for a man. There’s no stigma to it. Like choosing colours, you choose the design and size that suits your wrist. As long as you feel genuinely comfortable with it, there’s no limit to what you can choose.

The Financial Aspect of Luxury Watches

The price for a woman’s watch tends to be equal to that of a men’s watch. That is to say that you’re paying for the materials, time and skill used in designing and assembling the watch (plus a mark up if you’re buying new). Manufacturers don’t really charge you extra just for the sake of having a woman’s watch, but you will find that the inclusion of diamonds can make your particular watch more pricy, which is something to keep in mind. 

You also have the same payment and finance methods available to you. At Watches of Wales, we’ll be able to offer you a finance plan to suit your needs, just choose which watch you like and then scroll down to get started on planning your finance application.

Remember That Timeless Luxury Watches Can Be Investments

Luxury watches can be seen as an investment, provided you know how investing works and understand that it doesn’t always go your way. You should also understand that buying a luxury watch will also mean you have to continually look after it. 

We’re not saying that you should never wear your luxury watch, quite the opposite in fact, but if you’re looking to pass it on to another family member or sell it on for a profit, you should care for your watch. We have an entire article dedicated to looking after your luxury watch, which you can check out by clicking here.

Don't Forget To Browse Available Watches

At the end of the day, you need to do plenty of research. We know how important it is to find the perfect watch to meet your needs and expectations. Browse through the many timeless luxury watches we have available to find the one that best suits you, and if you have any questions please do get in touch.