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Should You Buy a Pre-owned Rolex?

July 30, 2022

Did you know that all Rolex watch movements are handmade? It takes Rolex's skilled artisans hours to assemble the movements piece by piece, and these movements are then placed in their cases with their hands and dials by hand. Each component is made to the highest standard, with rigorous quality testing to ensure it is top of the line. Owning a Rolex is a symbol of status and achievement for many, as that glistening metal on the wrist brings a sense of pride to its wearer. 

Many wonder what it may take to get one of these timeless watches on their wrist for years of enjoyment. The secret is that purchasing a pre-owned Rolex can be a great way to find the perfect model, make an investment and add one of these classic pieces to your collection.


Pre-owned Rolex Watches Depreciate Slower in Value (if at all)

Like a car, a regular watch depreciates rapidly in the transition from being new to pre-owned. While the quality and appearance of a watch do not lower shortly after purchase, this change from brand new to used causes the value to drop. It is in a buyer's best interest to avoid this inevitable loss, and a Rolex could help avoid this.

You see, a Rolex watch these days doesn't depreciate that much, if at all, except maybe the Datejust. Rolex watches have a phenomenon almost unique to them where they hold their value after purchase. The issue is you may struggle to get on a waiting list for a sporty Rolex, and even if you do, you'll be waiting a year or more. Buying a certified pre-owned Rolex does not mean lesser quality or flaws to the watch's appearance. Buying from companies like Watches of Wales offers superior quality and a watch you can count on. You can also have it shipped to you quickly to dodge the waiting list altogether!

A pre-owned Rolex is a substantial investment regardless of one's financial background and knowledge. 


Rolex Watches Were Made to Be Enjoyed for Many Years

Part of the allure of purchasing a Rolex watch is that the owner may enjoy it for decades. It is not uncommon to see a watch passed for generations from parent to child or even grandparent to grandchild. Rolex knows how to design their watches to last, and this is why so many families continue to pass down Rolex watches as valuable family heirlooms. Certified pre-owned Rolex watches like those from Watches of Wales are sold with top-tier quality in mind so that they may tell time and shine for years to come. 

Rolex takes pride in using top-quality materials to ensure that the watch remains functional for years to come. For example, the OysterSteel they use is surgical grade and required Rolex to purchase brand new tools to be able to work on it. Before leaving the production facility, each Rolex undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks. Pre-owned Rolex specialists like Watches of Wales give careful inspections to ensure that each watch is a genuine watch that will become a quality investment for its new buyer. 


A Pre-owned Rolex May Increase in Value After Purchase

Have you considered that buying a pre-owned Rolex may be a wise investment? Have we mentioned it enough already? Well, too bad as we're saying it again. We're sure that most people who are "in the know" about watches know of Rolex's unique ability to attract high secondary market prices. However, for those new to watches and reading our blog, you may be surprised to hear that certain Rolex watches may increase in value dramatically after they've been sold for the first time. 

That value can jump even more when the manufacturer discontinues a watch model. Check out any of the late 90s/early 00s Submariners (ref. 16610). They've been discontinued for over a decade, and yet they command higher prices than a brand new Submariner. Investing in a Rolex from us means adding a new watch to your collection with the potential for a complete return of your funds if you decide to sell it in the future. Rolex annually increases their prices, ensuring the protection of the value of their coveted watches. The company continues to grow each year, gaining popularity among all demographics. 


The Options Are Endless

Being open to purchasing a pre-owned Rolex means that the options of style, colour, material, and fit become much broader. Instead of being limited to current models, a pre-owned buyer can shop for models from the past that perhaps have a feature that catches their eye. Whatever your watch style, the pre-owned market offers countless models to fit many preferences. A buyer may be more selective about precisely what they seek in a watch since the options are expansive. There is no need to compromise on only what Rolex is currently producing. If you find the current Sea-Dweller range a little chunky, for example, older models with slimmer profiles may be the ideal choice for you, but you won't get these from Rolex anymore.

When it comes to a luxury timepiece, you should not need to settle. 


Are You Ready to Start Living and Purchase a Pre-owned Rolex?

Watches of Wales would love to join you on the journey of finding that perfect piece. Whether it's a pre-owned men's Rolex, a pre-owned women's Rolex, or a rare, sought-after model, our experts look forward to helping you find the ideal pre-owned Rolex to complement your lifestyle.

In addition, we allow all significant forms of payment and even accept cryptocurrency payments, allowing our customers to pay in the most convenient manner. Check out our inventory today!