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Just in: Franck Muller Master Banker 8880MB

March 08, 2021

We know what you're thinking: "Who the hell is Franck Muller?", well, Franck Muller is a master watchmaker who founded his brand and named it after himself in 1992. He was born in Switzerland in 1958 and enrolled at a watchmaking school at the age of 15. He would graduate from the Ecole d'Horlogerie de Genève (Watchmaking School of Geneva) in the 1980s and began work repairing and looking after watches from none other than Patek Philippe and their clientele. He also learned from Danish watchmaker Svend Andersen (who is, as far as we can tell, not related to the Danish tennis player of the same name), founder of Andersen Genève.

In the early 1980s, Muller would start designing his own watches on the side. It's fair to say he had a particular knack for complications (Franck Muller designed and built Aeternitas, for example, the most complicated wristwatch ever made). At the time, Muller was one of the very few watchmakers able to produce a tourbillon. Soon, the clientele that wanted their Patek Philippes serviced heard about Muller's watches and started buying them. This lead Muller to establish the Franck Muller brand, and it was a huge success in the 1990s. 

To be fair to them, it's a success today, but you don't see them on everyone's wrist as you did back in the day. At the height of their popularity, Franck Muller's watches adorned the wrists of all the biggest names in the celebrity world, from Elton John and David Beckham to Arnold Schwarzenegger and many, many more.  

That's why we're really excited to show you the new Master Banker 8880MB we have in stock. Designed for the financial professional who is always on the move, the Master Banker is the perfect watch for the professional. Perhaps it's even more appropriate now than ever before, considering that we're all working from home on teams spread across multiple timezones.

The Master Banker provides you with a view of three timezones simultaneously, and, unlike a GMT Master II, it shows you the time rather than relying on you doing some maths in your head. The movement was designed from the ground up with this exact purpose in mind. The central hands are the local time, while the subdials are set to whatever you need. If you were a banker or anyone involved in trading stocks and bonds, this watch would be displaying the times in London, NYC and Tokyo, the world's three main financial centres.

This example features a polished stainless steel case measuring 41mm x 34mm, a classy black dial, and a magnified date window. It's in excellent condition and represents a fantastic entry point both into the Franck Muller brand and the Master Banker line. This series of watches also saw a model with a perpetual calendar and one with a tourbillon as well. This one comes with the original box and papers. Check out the sale here.

If you haven't made up your mind on this particular version, we're also selling a slightly different version of the Master Banker with a silvery dial. called the 6850MB This one also has its original box and papers and is in excellent condition.

Did you know that we now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment? Simply choose 'uTrust' as your payment method of choice at the checkout and go from there; it's effortless!