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Is a Pre-Owned Rolex Submariner a Good Investment?

November 01, 2022

Rolex produces some of the most prestigious wristwatches in the industry. Our website features many pre-owned Rolex kept in pristine condition - most of which still have either the box, papers, or both, with them when you buy from us. 

Many wonder whether or not purchasing a pre-owned Rolex Submariner is a good investment. After all, one can spend an exorbitant sum of money on something so seemingly trivial as a wristwatch when so many other things seem to take priority, especially in the cost of living crisis we're going through.

For this reason, many people face the same internal conflict of whether or not they should purchase what's probably the most famous Rolex wristwatch. However, a purchase such as this is not a waste of money for many reasons. Read on to learn why exactly this is a good investment. 


Some Watches Can Increase In Value 

The Submariner has become Rolex's most recognisable model since the company's founding back in 1905. They're known for being hardy and reliable watches, capable of surviving daily life for many years without much thought. Over time, the value of these quality watches can increase if they are kept in good condition. Depending on certain traits of the watch, like rarity and condition, its value could increase by more than 30% over the years. 

Though this process of increasing value generally occurs over long periods - sometimes up to 40 years - it is most definitely worth the wait. This isn't always the case anymore, though, brand new Submariners also fetch more than their retail price on a pre-owned market. Furthermore, according to one source, a Rolex Submariner is one of the safest options when investing in expensive watches. 

Over time, we have seen the price of the Rolex Submariner increase exponentially from its more humble beginnings. During the 1950s, the price of a Rolex Submariner was - interestingly enough - just $150 to $200 without factoring in the currency values.

That all changed with the release of the first film of the "James Bond film: Dr No (1963). In the movie, star Sean Connery dons a beautiful Rolex Submariner, rumoured to belong to a production crew member. From then on, the cost of a Rolex would continue to skyrocket - making it one of the most prestigious sports watches. 

Between 1980 and 1984, the retail price of the Submariner remained stagnant at around $1,000. By 1992, however, the price doubled to about $2,000; by 2014, that price shot up to $7,500. Of course, the rapid skyrocketing of the Submariner's value when new may be partially due to inflation. As the dollar devalues, it is evident that the prices of different items will increase. 

However, this is not the primary reason the prices have increased. This graph shows that, if adjusted to inflation, the price of a Rolex Submariner in 2014 would be well over $1,000 - which is nevertheless considerably more than it was worth during the 1950s. This shows that though inflation has most definitely influenced the cost of a Rolex, that is not cause to discount its current increase in value. 

Today, the Submariner's pre-owned value continues to increase steadily with the worldwide reputation associated with its name and the fact that more high-profile celebrities are choosing to wear it for their films. 

The point of this is not to tell you that you missed your chance to purchase a Rolex Submariner of your own. The point of these facts and statistics is to make a case for the opposite. Because the value of the Submariner is increasing in value generally, purchasing one of your own sooner rather than later will ensure that you "board the train" in time. 


It's an Iconic Piece

The Rolex Submariner is a timeless classic that has remained en vogue for decades. One reason this is important is that you will not have to worry about your piece becoming outdated soon. Even as the movements get more advanced and accurate and the design seems to get larger, a Submariner from the 1970s is still as recognisable as one from today.

We mentioned earlier that Sean Connery was famous for wearing a Submariner while playing the fictional super spy James Bond, but he's not the only time the "Subbie" has been seen on the silver screen. In the 1997 film, "Titanic," we see actor Bill Paxton adorned with a stunning Rolex Submariner; he even made a cameo in a Rolex commercial in 2017 before passing away just hours later from a stroke. 

Most people are naturally drawn to symbols and artefacts worn by celebrities, which may be partly due to the reality that every person seeks to find some way to be unique. Most international celebrities have methods that make them unique and beloved by the public, but sporting a golden Rolex Submariner can undoubtedly aid in doing so. 

Investing in a Rolex Submariner will set you apart from the general crowd, and you will become part of an exclusive community - one that includes most, if not all, of the most famous celebrities in the world. Moreover, on our website, you can purchase a pre-owned Rolex in pristine condition with our guarantee included too.


A Submariner Shows a Sense of Style 

It's common knowledge that wristwatches are some of the most stylish accessories and some of the only socially acceptable pieces of jewellery worn by men. Why not step it up a notch? There aren't many accessories that will give you a similar return on your investment as a Rolex will. 

Whether you're purchasing for a specific occasion or just someone looking to increase their style portfolio, our website has the watches for you. In our society today, a good sense of style is not only valued but is appreciated by the general public. It demonstrates that you are not someone who shops to be clothed but someone who shops to make a statement, even if that statement is "I'm in my jammies at 6PM", you do you. The Submariner will still look and feel timeless.

It truly is a shame that today more people rely on digital technology to tell them what time it is. Our society has forgotten the classic gesture of glancing at a watch to check the time. Mechanical wristwatches show that you are in control and value your time. They clearly indicate that you do not want to waste the one life you have on this planet. As the saying goes, "Don't count the seconds; make the seconds count." 

The watches featured on our website are an excellent way to combine your value of time and your sense of style. They are a blend of class and practicality. Those with only a superficial understanding of the effect of style might try to claim that these watches are too expensive and impractical - instead, the inverse is true. 

Aside from being a great style accessory, Rolex wristwatches are also convenient pieces; and we aren't just referring to the time. Because Rolex watches like the Submariner and Sea-Dweller are primarily divers' watches, they can withstand an immense amount of pressure below the sea. These watches can go up to 300 metres under the sea - the dream piece of equipment for any sea-lover. Their movements are also very robust and capable, thanks to shock protection and some level of magnetic resistance.

Rolex is where the roads of style and practicality intersect. Many accessories either lack one or both, and this is the case when it comes to some cheaper watches. These generally can't make the trip down to the depths of the sea, nor do they enhance the aesthetic or style of the person on land. 


It Can Become Your Family Heirloom

For centuries, each family has had their own piece of jewellery, a book, pen, or another artefact passed down from parent to child over generations. Watches - both pocket watches and wristwatches - are quite unique in this tradition as they are often thought of as the perfect heirloom. Purchasing a Rolex Submariner from our website will give you the ideal gift to pass down through the generations.


We Have More Options

In addition to the Submariner, our website features other prestigious wristwatches, such as the Rolex Daytona and Omega Seamaster. 

Unlike many other watch dealers, we offer multiple payment plans. If you would rather break down the overall cost of the watch into monthly instalments, you can consider yourself covered. 

The options are, quite literally, endless. We provide year-long warranties, return policies, and many different types of watches. With all of the different options to choose from, you can be secure in your decision-making process to purchase a Rolex Submariner. And, as mentioned, if you do not feel like buying a Submariner, you can always go with something else from our vast array of wristwatches. 


Should You Buy a Pre-Owned RolexSubmariner?

So, to answer your question about whether or not you should purchase a Rolex Submariner, our answer is a resounding "yes!" When you buy your Rolex (or another watch you fancy) from us, you can rest assured that you are getting your money's worth. 

You will become part of an exclusive community that will set you apart from the crowd. It will make you unique. This is not to say that all you need to be unique is a Rolex, but it will make you unique whether you want it to or not - that is the beauty of Rolex. These watches can become a part of your family line. Purchasing one today will allow you to begin a family tradition that will continue for generations to come. 

So, with all this in mind, head on over to our website and browse through our gallery of Submariners, Daytonas, Seamasters, and many more. And, if you feel ready, make the decision to purchase a Submariner - you won't regret it.