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11 Benefits of a Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

June 03, 2022

You're in the market for a new watch. Except you don't want just any watch. You want some of the best luxury watches on the market right now.

You might be thinking about getting a Rolex. But do you get new or pre-owned? What's the major difference between the two anyway?

There are many benefits to purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch instead of a new one. You just need to know where to start.

Read on to learn the eleven great benefits of purchasing a used Rolex watch.

1. More Watch Options

Believe it or not, you have many more options when shopping for a pre-owned Rolex. When shopping for a new Rolex, you're limited to the models and styles currently in the catalogue. However, when you're shopping for a pre-owned one, your options open up to almost any year, model or design style Rolex has made; this includes any discontinued watches and rare, limited edition pieces. You no longer have to choose the newest option, maybe you want something from ten years ago, and there are also vintage watches to consider. You can decide on the condition of the watch as well. Some collectors value a watch's marks and scratches as part of its history, while others might want to give an older timepiece a new lease of life. You're more likely to find a watch that fits your style much more easily when shopping for a pre-owned Rolex.

2. Convenience

You will be hard-pressed to buy certain Rolex watches from new on the same day. If you want a new sporty Rolex, you generally have to go to a brick and mortar store to get one. Even then, you can't just pick up a new Submariner and swagger off; other people are already in the queue. This can be complicated and frustrating for people who are more pressed for time. It's easier to order something online, and you don't even need to get out of your pyjamas.

Dealers like us at Watches of Wales have pre-owned Rolexes for sale online right now. All you have to do is find the one you're looking for, and then we'll ship it directly to you. You don't need to interact with a salesperson or customer service representative if you don't want to. Everything is right there for you online already. Again, this is especially handy if you already know what you want from your pre-owned Rolex.

Despite this, we'd still recommend you make an appointment with us and come see the watch you're purchasing in person. We'll make sure you get a warm and friendly welcome every time.

3. You Could Save Money

Like most items that you'll buy, the value of a luxury watch can decrease once it's purchased from the original retailer. This is called depreciation. This means that when the original owner sells it, the distributor can turn around and resell it for less than its original price. This is important to you because it means that the watch costs less now. So, when you buy a pre-owned luxury watch such as a Rolex, you may not be paying the higher retail price. This could you a lot of money on your Rolex watch. That's why these make such great gifts for graduations or other significant milestones.

However, you might be wondering about that depreciation still. What happens if you want to resell your pre-owned Rolex later? Will you have to sell it at a lower price? 

4. Less Depreciation

The answer to that question is "not necessarily". We tend to see less depreciation in pre-owned watches that have already been worn around, knocked, and scratched. Of course, this is going to depend on a few things. If your watch stops working entirely and is beyond repair, it's no longer of much value. We feel this is unlikely to be the case for most Rolex watches (thankfully), as their owners see the value they're worth. However, if you keep your pre-owned Rolex in great condition or at least don't make its condition worse, it will likely keep most or all of its value.

As with anything mechanical, try to get it serviced regularly. If the watch has been looked after all of its life, keep it that way. If it's never been serviced, you're probably going to pay more. We at Watches of Wales recommend getting your watch serviced every four to five years. It would be best to consider getting your Rolex serviced when you're concerned that it's starting to lose accuracy. This could help ensure that your watch keeps its value so that you can get a return on it should you choose to sell up.

5. Possible Appreciation

In some cases, you might see your watch's value go up, called appreciation. Appreciation happens when a specific watch becomes more popular over time. The more popular a watch is, the more people want it, and when more people want the same thing, the supply gets scarce, and buyers are generally willing to pay more for it. There can be many reasons for this. For example, you might see watches from a specific year become more popular - an early Rolex that's still in good condition could be extremely valuable. Rolex might discontinue a watch reference and replace it with a new one, making the outgoing model harder to find. We're currently seeing the most appreciation on stainless steel sports Rolex models such as the Submariner, Daytona and GMT Master II, most of which have seen their value double over the past ten years.

An older Rolex with all of its original parts can be worth more money than a watch that has parts replaced, so you should always consider the options available. Don't be afraid to seek out the opinions of multiple watchmakers before committing to something, and make sure that you understand what will happen to your watch during the service. If you get parts replaced or the case/bracelet polished, this can sometimes reduce the watch's value.

The one caveat to appreciating prices is that certain criteria for making a watch increase in value may change. Just because you can sell it for a high price now doesn't mean that you still can next year.

6. They Can Last as Long as a New One

Whether you want a new or pre-owned watch, you will always get excellent quality when buying a Rolex. Rolex always uses the highest-quality materials to make their watches and has over a century of know-how. This is precisely why they're known to last multiple lifetimes in some cases.

That's also why, even when you purchase a pre-owned watch, you don't need to worry about it not lasting as long as a new one. As we mentioned above, if you take good care of it, your Rolex can become a family heirloom. Rolex has always been and always will be dedicated to the excellent quality of their watches. That's why even a pre-owned one can last forever.

7. You Become Part of the Watch's Story

Every pre-owned Rolex has a story to it. The person who owned it before leaves the smallest marks on the watch. These are the memories of where the watch has been in the past. This story begins when the watch was made and continues when the watch is sold again. You'll add new chapters to that watch's story when you buy a pre-owned one, even if you don't intend to. 

You'll make your own marks on the watch when you go on trips. Maybe you're wearing it on the best holiday you could ever have. Perhaps you accidentally scratched it against something in the ER while waiting for your firstborn to arrive. These dents, dings and scratches will follow the watch to its next owner. This creates a canvas of marks left by previous owners, a picture of who has owned it, where they found it, and what they did while wearing it. 

This romanticism makes things like old cars, buildings and mechanical watches precious to us in ways we can't always quantify. It's this history that makes Rolex watches so meaningful to many people. It connects people who may never even meet by the simplest of items. You may not have known the previous owner, but your pre-owned watch carries their story and soon yours. This is also yet another reason to avoid replacing parts where possible.

8. An Honest Report on the Condition of the Watch

You might be wondering about the condition of the watch you're thinking about buying. If you order a pre-owned Rolex online, how can you be sure that it'll be in good condition when it arrives?

We at Watches of Wales always put a summary of the condition of our watches in the description. You can be assured that each one is in excellent condition as each of our watches is serviced before going up for sale. This means that experts have examined and made any repairs to the watch deemed necessary. It ensures that each of our watches will be in the best condition possible when delivered to you.

When it needs servicing again, we'll be happy to help you with that. This is just one of the many benefits of watch buying from Watches of Wales, and we care about the products we sell, so you know you're getting a cared for luxury watch.

9. Find Collector's Items

Many people like to collect luxury goods such as Rolex watches. This can be a challenging hobby when you go to buy the latest version every time

Instead, it's easier and more fun to search for pre-owned Rolex watches. You never know what you're going to find when you go looking for a pre-owned luxury watch. But chances are, you're much more likely to find the perfect piece to add to your collection when you're looking at pre-owned instead of new. 

You never know what you're going to find when you look for a pre-owned luxury watch. But chances are, you're much more likely to find the perfect piece to add to your collection when you're looking at pre-owned instead of new. Some watches might be rare because they're popular, discontinued or one that Rolex didn't make many of to begin with. This creates scarcity that's invaluable to collectors.

The odds are slim that you'll find a special edition Rolex being sold new without a waiting list. Some watches, such as the so-called "Spider Dial Submariners", became more valuable over time as their dial lacquer deteriorated to create that effect. Part of what makes them so desirable to collectors is their rarity and age. That's why pre-owned watches are better for collectors than new watches.

10. The Rolex Exchange Rate

Sometimes you fancy a change of style, or a watch just isn't working for you emotionally anymore. We get it. Luckily for you, many watch fans consider Rolex an investment of sorts. With a bit of practice, you can comfortably estimate the value of a watch yourself. By arming yourself with this research, you may be in a position to trade your watch for another.

One of the benefits of having a Rolex is that it's recognisable to others. While this means you should take extra care when out and about, it also means that others are more likely to be interested in trading with you. Some brands make excellent watches that are hard to move on, not so with Rolex, and you'll undoubtedly find more people looking to exchange rather than sell.

11. Authenticity

When you buy online, how can you be sure that your pre-owned watch is going to be a genuine Rolex? There are several ways that you can tell if a watch is a real Rolex or not. One of the most prominent signs of a fake Rolex is the motion of its seconds hand. Except for some rare Oysterquartz watches, all Rolex watches are mechanical. This means their seconds hand should glide gracefully around the dial rather than make one tick every second like a quartz watch. Any expert in these luxury watches should be able to identify a real one from a fake one. All stock at Watches of Wales is inspected before it's put up for sale. This is how you know that you're getting a genuine Rolex from us every time.

However, suppose you want some extra reassurance that your product is genuine. We'd recommend researching the Rolex serial numbering system. Each watch has a unique identification number corresponding to its year of manufacture and the model it is. There are many guides on the internet that can explain how Rolex numbers its watches. You can always make an appointment with us and chat about this if you have more questions.


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As you can see, there are a lot of tremendous benefits to purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch. They're a reliable brand, no matter how old the watch is.

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