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10 Tips On Finding Quality Used Rolex Watches For Sale

November 11, 2020

Are you in the market for a secondhand luxury timepiece? Don't spend that money before reading these 10 tips on finding quality used Rolex watches for sale. 

Looking sharp is important to you. You want to convey to the world that you're the kind of man who takes pride in his appearance.

What's one easy way to elevate your look? Finishing it off with a high-quality, luxury timepiece.

If you're in the market for that, you've come to the right place.

In this post, we provide 10 tips on how to find quality used Rolex watches for sale, so you can get the luxury timepiece of your dreams at a great price.

1. Finding Quality Used Rolex Watches for Sale Takes Time

When you're looking for a high-quality luxury item from a well-known and respected brand such as Rolex, it's important to be patient. You're not going to be the only person who's after that particular item.

It's the basic principle of supply and demand - when a product is in short supply, both demand, and prices will rise.

When manufacturers know there's high demand for an expensive product that's in short supply, they may try to replicate its design. They'll attempt to resell it at a lesser cost to capitalize on the demand. The problem is that these watches won't have the quality standards of a Rolex.

In short: There are quite a few knockoff Rolex's on the market at any given time.

Know this going into your search, and you'll be better off.

2. Find a Retailer You Can Trust

Since you won't be buying your watch directly from the manufacturer, it's imperative that you only shop with trustworthy retailers and resellers.

If you're shopping online, read reviews to verify that the seller is trustworthy. Make sure they focus on customer satisfaction and handle complaints in a reasonable amount of time.

3. Start with Steel

Precious metals like gold and silver tend to fluctuate in value. There are too many variables involved in their prices.

Because of this, it's wise to start your search for used Rolex watches for sale by looking for steel models. Stainless steel is always in demand. Purchasing a steel watch allows you to circumvent fluctuations in value that other watch owners go through.

4. Don't Buy Damaged Goods

Sure, a small scratch on a pre-owned item isn't the end of the world.

There are, however, going to be some instances where you'll want to pass a product up. If you find damaged used Rolex watches for sale, then the repairs may be costly.

5. Test It Out, If You Can

If you have the option, always check used Rolex watches for sale (or any watch, for that matter), out in person before making a purchase.

Verify that the dials are in working order and that the bracelet isn't stretched out. You'll be thankful you did.

6. What's the Service History?

To ensure that you're buying an authentic Rolex, ask the retailer to provide documentation of the watch's service history.

You'll be able to get a better idea of what kind of shape it's in and verify that the condition is in line with what the retailer states.

7. Look for Watches with the Original Paperwork and Box

This is another great way to verify that the watch you're looking at is genuine and not a knockoff.

Just as you should look for the item number on the inside of a Coach bag, you should verify that each luxury timepiece comes with its original paperwork and box.

8. Check the Specs

One common issue with purchasing a secondhand watch is modification and repairs not made by the original manufacturer.

As with any secondhand purchase, if it's a deal that looks too good to be true, it most likely is.

That deeply discounted Rolex that's in excellent condition and is a recent model? We can almost guarantee that there's going to be something wrong with it.

Do yourself a favor and take a good, long look at the specs of each watch you've got your eye on. Verify they match the specs of the original watch to make sure you aren't buying a defective watch. You'll save yourself some frustration and money.

9. Limited Edition Models Are Always a Good Investment

We shouldn't need to mention this, but to be safe, we will. When you're shopping for used Rolex watches for sale, always keep an eye out for limited edition models.

Why? As opposed to decreasing in value as some models will, the value of limited editions will increase over time.

Purchase one for yourself and you'll be able to enjoy having a luxury timepiece that's unique and unlike anything anyone in your social circle owns. When you decide to move on to something new, you can sell it and not only recoup your initial investment, but make a profit, too.

Honestly, what's not to love?

10. Don't Worry About Depreciation

Not having to deal with hefty depreciation from the original value of your Rolex is one of the biggest benefits of buying it used.

You get to sidestep this because you're purchasing an item that's already depreciated in value. You don't have to worry about losing a large chunk of what you paid and not being able to recoup that money if you decide to sell the watch down the line.

If you buy a new watch off the shelf, that value drops significantly within a year. Why not buy the watch without having to worry about it losing 30% of its value?

How We Can Help You

Do you need more advice before you begin your search for the perfect secondhand luxury Rolex? Do you know exactly what you're looking for but don't know where to buy it? We can help you.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about secondhand watches or jewelry.

We'd love to answer your questions and assist in any way we can.

And if you still haven't found your dream watch after searching high and low, you can always check out our selection online. We know you'll find something that suits your fancy.